Month: March 2017

Creating Weighted Flows in JMeter

It is pretty common for applications to have multiple flow paths. For example, it is common in mobile games to have one call flow for players that have authenticated with Facebook and a very different one for anonymous players. When trying to replicate a realistic server load in JMeter, it is important to be able to handle these different paths that users take through the client application.

JMeter actually has this capability right out of the box, no Groovy scripting or secondary plugins needed. With a Random Variable and a few If Controllers, you can enable any number of different flow paths in your load testing script. Continue reading “Creating Weighted Flows in JMeter”

Using Production Data in Continuous Integration Tests

Handling test data is a challenge for anyone testing a service or application that interacts with a database. One of the services my team is responsible for is already used by several games in production. So any changes have to be validated against the real production data. In this post, I’ll describe how I am able to get the data I need for continuous integration testing, without putting undue stress on our production databases or our DBA team. Continue reading “Using Production Data in Continuous Integration Tests”