Month: June 2018

Using JMeter Properties from the Command Line

It says it right there when you start JMeter: Don’t use GUI mode for load testing !, only for Test creation and Test debugging.”

Don't use GUI mode for load testing !
JMeter Startup Message

The JMeter developers were even kind enough to include an example of how to call JMeter on the command line:

jmeter -n -t [jmx file] -l [results file] -e -o [Path to web report folder]

This is a good start, but the real power in running JMeter from the terminal comes when you can set your test parameters at run time by passing them as properties. For example, you might want to run the same scenario with various thread counts or for a different number of iterations. You can even use command-line properties to toggle multiple test scenarios. Continue reading “Using JMeter Properties from the Command Line”



Back in the spring of 2016 I did my very first talk for STPCon. It was about testing REST services and I mentioned Postman as a good tool for exploring services; saying in passing, “I could probably do a whole talk just on Postman”. Since then I have done multiple talks and workshops on the Postman tool, so when I saw that Postman the company was doing its first ever conference in essentially my backyard, I had to throw my hat in the ring as a speaker.

I was pretty excited about this conference both as a chance to meet the Postman team and also because it would be my first time stepping out of the test conference bubble and meeting with a whole different group of people. In that regard, POST/CON 2018 definitely lived up to my expectations. I had a great time talking with people from all sorts of different roles, not just testing. Below is a brief overview of the program with some highlights: Continue reading “POST/CON 2018”