Senior test developer with broad experience in test planning, framework design and automation for both server and client applications; specializing in web services and APIs

Big Fish Games: SDET IV

November 2008 – Present


  • Load and performance testing back-end game servers to ensure availability and stability for high volume mobile games
  • Writing automation frameworks, test plans, and related tools for functional testing of back-end service APIs
  • Working with ops to implement test automation for continuous integration workflows
  • Collaborating with service developers, game developers, and product managers to ensure that services are designed with testability in mind


  • Developed a social gifting feature, including a new back-end server stack, for one of Big Fish’s most popular mobile games.
  • Created python scripts for in-depth testing of data migration of thousands of player profiles
  • Wrote test automation, support tools, and administrative web interface for Big Fish streaming game initiative.
  • Tested new and existing E-Commerce features, including expanding supported currencies and implementing escheatment procedures


Microsoft: SDET

August 1999 – October 2008


  • Assembling data sets for training and testing handwriting recognition software in multiple languages
  • Writing test automation and tools for the Tablet PC Ink and Handwriting API
  • Working with developers to ensure high quality of ink and handwriting features in the Windows Tablet OS and Office applications such as One Note.


  • Created SQL Server database and procedures for tracking and utilizing thousands of collected handwriting samples
  • Assisted in establishing handwriting collection sites in Italy, Germany, Spain, and France
  • Designed and developed fully functional manual testing tool for the Ink Analysis API
  • Ship It awards for Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Office XP, Windows XP Tablet Edition, Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, Windows Vista
  • Listed on patent for Ink Analysis Hints (US2006210173)


Tools Used:

JMeter, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Xamarin, XCode, Visual Studio, Selenium, AWS, Git, Postman

Languages: Java, Python, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Objective-C, SQL, bash